VFW Rocket Launch Information

The information below covers the rules and entries for predicting the maximum altitude attained by the MAJ Francis E. Dade Dart.

Dade Dart in the Bar

VFW Rocket Launch Information

Contest Rules

  1.  The rocket must leave the launch rail.  If the motor does not ignite, a new igniter will be inserted and the launch attempt repeated.
  2. Two barometric altimeters will be used to determine the maximum altitude obtained by the rocket.
    1. The primary altimeter will be a PerfectFlite FireFly
    2. The secondary altimeter will be a Jolly Logic Altimeter One
  3. If both altimeters fail, the entire prize pool goes to the VFW.
  4. If the rocket is lost or unrecoverable, the entire prize pool goes to the VFW.
  5. The winner is the person who has the prediction closest to the measured altitude.  If two people are tied, the prediction UNDER the measured altitude is the winner.
  6. All predictions are in feet and there can be no duplicate predictions.
  7. Enter as many times as you wish.  $5.00 per prediction
  8. Predictions will be placed with the bartender or an officer of the VFW.  This page will be updated with the predictions as they are made.
Typical Flight Profile

Rocket Information

  • Rocket weight with motor: 79.5 oz ( 4 lb 15.5 oz)
  • Motor: Cesaroni 38mm 5-grain motor (601I350-16A)
    • Total impulse: 601.00 Ns (135.22 lb.s)
    • Thrust duration: 1.71 s
    • Max thrust: 399.74 N (89.94 lb)
  • Parachute ejection delay: 12 s
  • Velocity of the pad: 61.9 ft/s
  • Altitude prediction window:  8 to 4,400 feet
Rocket Diagram - VFW Rocket Launch Information
Rocket Diagram

Launch Details

Launch date: 19 January 2019 at approximately 1200 hours
Location: Plant City Rocket Pasture (public is invited to attend – contact me for more info)
If there is inclement weather, the launch will be on 16 February 2019


VFW Post 4283 Dade Dart Predictions

EntrantAltitude (feet)
Rose F.3558
Andy K3574
Chance H.3685
Connie W.3781
Jim W - TTRA3850
Bobbi S3520
Raye C4020
Shelli S4167
Wanda L4175
Wanda L4301
Shelli S4333
Connie W3866
Tom L3528
Ricki S3590
Susie H3591
Kelly C3691
Tom L4137
Lon S4313
Tom L4339
Susie H1521
Tom L4500
JAX Maloney3586
Larry H3870
Garrett A3530
Wayne H3720
Bobbi S3721
Jon S3732
Scott S4230
Kelly C4342
Jon S4400
Bobbi S8
Linda G3010
David T2943
Matt Q3514
Debbie P3701
Stan P3811
Gary A3881
Bill K3940
Bill K3949
Rick W3950
Bill K3951
Bill K3959
Last updated 20 January 2019

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