Vendor List

This vendor list has only companies and people that I have used and endorse their products and services.

Please patronize these rocket hobby vendors.  Keeping them solvent and in business strengthens the hobby and makes it easier for the hobbyist!  Tell them sent you.

Kit Manufacturers

Always Ready Rocketry

Always Ready Rocketry Logo - Vendor List

This company is your source for Blue Tube 2.0 rocket body tubes.  Dave Ebersole is always happy to take your calls if you have any questions.  He also does custom work if you have any special requirements for your rocket project.  My Level 3 project is made from Blue Tube and Dave was more than happy to cut and slot my project to my specifications.

Website  Phone: 360-445-2ARR (2277)

Binder Design

Mike at Binder Design is very prompt with inquiries and orders.  My Tripoli Level Two attempt will be one of his designs, the 4-inch Excel.

Website  EMail

LOC Precision

LOC Precision Logo - Vendor ListMy Level One Tripoli certification flight was made with this company’s Minnie Magg.  The kit was solid and the customer service outstanding.

Website  Phone: 920-892-0557

Madcow Rocketry

Madcow Rocketry Logo - Vendor ListMadcow has a lot of kits of all sizes and materials.  Paper, fiberglass, and carbon fiber kits are available.  The AQM-37A JayHawk that I built is from this manufacturer.

Website  Phone: 949-547-8847


Jolly Logic

Jolly Logic produces a line of fine altimeters and a chute release system that is a hit in the rocketry community.

Website  EMail


Top Flight Recovery

I purchased multiple Top Flight Recovery nylon parachutes from Apogee Rockets.  They are inexpensive and very strong for their price.

Website Phone: 262-366-1722

General Rocketry Suppliers

Brian the Motorman

Brian travels around to all the launches in Florida and offers Aerotech rocket hardware, disposable motors, motor reloads, and related tools.  He also sells launch day supplies and hard-to-find kits.

EMail  Phone: 941-587-9417

Chris’ Rocket Supplies

Nice store with rockets, motors, and electronics.  Chris is friendly and helpful on the phone.  He uses a lot of what he sells in his own high-power rocketry hobby.

Website  Phone:  850-554-6531

Tom’s Rocket Gear

Tom shows up at the TTRA launches the third Saturday of every month.  He is also available at the R.O.C.K. launch on the 1st Saturday of the month and the NEFAR launch the 2nd Saturday of the month.  He offers a lot of Public Missile kits, Cesaroni motors, and recovery gear and hardware.

Website  Phone: 651-983-4281

Apogee Components

Apogee Logo - Vendor List

This was the site I first came to when I returned to the hobby.  If you use a search engine looking for rocketry vendors, this site will show up.  Their customer service is excellent.  They also add free gifts to your order and offer a frequent buyers program.

Website Phone: 719-535-9335

Aerocon Systems

This site sells a lot of odd parts you may need in your rocket building and launching activities.  Things like “Remove Before Flight” tags, electronics and building parts.  Quick service and shipping.

Website  Phone: 408-272-7001

Building Parts Suppliers

All Electronics

Seller of electrical parts, connectors, wire and tools.  They carry a lot of items and are reliable.

Website  Phone: 800-826-5432