Madcow 8-inch DX3 Rocket

As explained in another post, this rocket will be used to promote the Friends4Michael Foundation. It is a big rocket and should create a nice show for the people in attendance. I have not decided on a motor yet. It is a 98mm diameter motor mount. When I finalize the OpenRocket data, I will run simulations to determine the best motor for the task.

OpenRocket Diagram - Madcow 8-inch DX3 Rocket
OpenRocket Diagram

Updated: 30 December 2018

Kit Contents

I received the kit in two boxes right before Christmas. The parts are hefty and here is the kit after all the parts got a good wash with soap and water.

Kit Contents - Madcow 8-inch DX3 Rocket
Kit Parts


To be added

OpenRocket File

I will update my OpenRocket file for this project as I decide on parts, receive them, and weigh them. Here is the RockSim file from Madcow converted to OpenRocket: Original File


First launch is planned at LDRS 38 near Argonia, Kansas on Labor Day weekend 2019.