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TRA Level Three Rocket - BOTC84

Rocket schematic

This rocket was used for my Tripoli level three certification. It is an 5.5-inch custom build using Blue Tube from Always Ready Rocketry. The certification flight took place at AirFest at Kloudbuster's field near Argonia, Kansas. Electronics in the rocket were an Altus Metrum TeleMega and a StratologgerCF. The rocket is named the BOTC84. This stands for Best of the Corps, West Point Class of 1984. The file has all the actual lengths and weights of components as measured during construction.

Large High Power on workshop wall

BOTC 84 on the workshop wall

High Power Rocket Electronics Sled

Electronics Sled for the BOTC84

Two men with high power rocket

The elite BOTC84 crew

Large High Power on launch pad

BOTC 84 on the launch pad

High Power Rocket Lifting Off

BOTC84 lifting off

High power rocket in plowed field

BOTC booster and drogue in field

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