The NARTREK Skills Program Bronze Level

The NARTREK Skills Program is an excellent way to get exposed to different facets of the rocketry hobby.  NARTREK stands for National Association of Rocketry Training Rocketeers for Experience and Knowledge.  It consists of a set of three levels of achievement, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each level has four separate rocketry tasks.NARTREK Logo - The NARTREK Skills Program Bronze Level

To be eligible for the program:
  • You have to be a member of the National Association of Rocketry (It is their program after all).
  • You have to have flown a rocket before (not sure about this one).
  • Have your own launch equipment.  You do not have to use this equipment for your certification launches.
  • You must follow the NAR Safety codes and know the basics of the motor impulse coding system.  (C6-7, A8-3, etc.)

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Callahan’s Express Launch

This summer’s weather in Tampa has kept the Tripoli Tampa’s launch pasture closed due to excessive water on the field.  Finally, the winter pattern started, and the daily thunderstorms have ended.  This past weekend was the Buccaneer Blast hosted by Tripoli Tampa and I was able to launch the Callahan’s Express. I planned on launching the rocket on Saturday. After seeing a couple of rockets break apart in flight and watching another one burn up on the launchpad, I decided to put my launch on hold.  Not to worry, I did launch it on Sunday.  So, read on to see more (including a video).Rocket Ready - Callahan's Express Launch

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MAC Performance Scorpion

When I was at the AIRFest 24 launch last Labor Day weekend I met the folks at MAC Performance Rocketry. This company uses canvas phenolic airframes to build very strong rockets that are Mach capable out of the box. I liked what I saw, so I purchased their 54mm scorpion rocket kit with the 38mm motor mount. So, here is the MAC Performance Scorpion.On the pad - MAC Performance Scorpion

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BOTC84 Launch

Liftoff - BOTC84 Launch

The Best of the Corps 84 rocket launched occurred on Saturday, September 1st.  It was launched from pad 62 on one of the Away Cells at the Kloudbusters annual AIRFest launch event.  The actual design and construction of this rocket is documented on this page.  I am happy to say that the BOTC84 launch was a success and I received my Tripoli Level Three Certification.

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Getting Ready for AIRFest 24

As AIRFest 24 nears, I am packing my tools, expendables, rockets, and equipment in preparation for the launch weekend.  AIRFest 24 runs from August 31, 2018 to September 3, 2018.  Hundreds of flyers will be attending the event.  I will be launching my Level Tripoli Certification candidate, BOTC84; an AeroTech Cheetah; and a LOC Precision Minnie Magg.  It has taken quite a bit work getting ready for AIRFest 24.    Gear Containers - Getting Ready for AIRFest 24

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