Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 - Tripoli Tampa May 2019 Launch

Tripoli Tampa May 2019 Launch

It was a beautiful day at the Varn Ranch for the Tripoli Tampa May 2019 launch. The winds in the morning were very light and they picked up slightly around midday. Consequently, a lot of large impulse launches were conducted. Notably, two of the M impulse launches were Tripoli Level 3 Certification flights. Both flights were successful

High Power Pads - Tripoli Tampa May 2019 Launch
High Power Launch Pads
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It was a cold, rainy day when I drove into the town of Plymouth, Wisconsin. The GPS said to go to the big blue building. An email from Jason said to enter the door with the karate sign over it and look for the sign. Finally, I saw the sign over the door. The door that started my LOC PRECISION factory visit.

Sign - LOC PRECISION factory visit
The “Sign”
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USF SOAR Two-Stage Rocket Launch

In my report yesterday, I mentioned the fact that the winds were too strong for any high altitude launches. One of the rockets scheduled to launch was the University of South Florida Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry’s huge two-stage rocket project (Codename: TAURUS). So, here are the pictures and video of the USF SOAR Two-Stage Rocket Launch.

USF SOAR Team - USF SOAR Two-Stage Rocket Launch
USF SOAR Construction Team
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Tripoli Tampa April 2019 Launch

With a major weather front passing through the area on Friday, it was a very windy day! Consequently, the decision was made to get all the pads set up and hope for the best from the winds. The skies were perfectly clear. So, the Tripoli Tampa April 2019 Launch was a go!

American Flag - Tripoli Tampa April 2016 Launch
Tom’s Rockets American Flag in the winds.
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Post 4283 Rocket Launched

It was a windy day when the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4283 rocket launched. The launch location was Tripoli Tampa’s home field just north of Plant City, Florida. Despite the wind, we had a good turn-out for the launch and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Altitude Attained – 3951 feet

Liftoff - VFW Charity Rocket launched
Liftoff – Photo from Matt Quince
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LDRS 38 Master Plan

In August 2018, Kloudbusters put out a press release announcing that their field will be the site of the next Tripoli Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (LDRS) Annual Launch.  I was at AIRFest this year, and enjoyed my time on the flight line.  So, it is only natural that I would want to attend the LDRS next year.  With that, what follows is my LDRS 38 Master Plan. 

LDRS37 Launch - LDRS38 Master Plan
Big Rocket – LDRS 37
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VFW Post 4283 Launch

Next month I am going to launch a rocket on behalf of the Veterans of Foreign Wars(VFW) Post 4283 which is based in Dade City, Florida. They are always looking for ways to raise money to cover their operating expenses and to make capital improvements. They also like to gamble a little bit…. So I thought that I would build a rocket and let people buy predictions on how high it will fly. The winner will get one half of the prize pool and the Post will get the other half.

Dade Dart in the Bar - VFW Post 4283 Launch
Dade Dart in the VFW Bar

The rocket launch is scheduled for the January launch ( January 19, 2019 ) on Tripoli Tampa’s field near Plant City, Florida. Some of the Post members have said that they will be attending the launch. If you are interested in attending this launch, check out the Tripoli Tampa website for information on attending a launch or contact me.

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LOC Precision 4-inch V-2 Rocket

My son was coming down to Tampa in November for the Tampa Tripoli monthly launch.  I had my MAC Performance Scorpion that I could launch.  I also had some smaller rockets that I was going to launch from the low-power pads.  Being interested in scale models, I have built quite a few low-power, scale model rockets.  I wanted to build something a little bigger, so I went online and ordered the LOC Precision 4-inch V-2 rocket kit.Camoflage - LOC Precision 4-inch V-2 Rocket

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