Adding Rockets to the Toolkit

This article will provide instructions on how to add your rockets, pictures, and launches to the Fun With Rockets Toolkit. The FwR Toolkit is a database of kits, motors, cases, and launch fields that a visitor can use as an aid to their rocketry hobby.

Database Menu Items - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit
Database Menu Items

One feature of the Toolkit is the ability of a user to add their own rockets to the database. I am not good at writing documentation, so I will be adding a lot of pictures to this post.

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The NARTREK Skills Program Bronze Level

The NARTREK Skills Program is an excellent way to get exposed to different facets of the rocketry hobby.  NARTREK stands for National Association of Rocketry Training Rocketeers for Experience and Knowledge.  It consists of a set of three levels of achievement, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each level has four separate rocketry tasks.NARTREK Logo - The NARTREK Skills Program Bronze Level

To be eligible for the program:
  • You have to be a member of the National Association of Rocketry (It is their program after all).
  • You have to have flown a rocket before (not sure about this one).
  • Have your own launch equipment.  You do not have to use this equipment for your certification launches.
  • You must follow the NAR Safety codes and know the basics of the motor impulse coding system.  (C6-7, A8-3, etc.)

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