Dual-Deploy Rocket Checklist

Bender Design Excel pre-paint - Dual-Deploy Rocket Checklist
Bender Design Excel Dual-Deploy Rocket

The Tampa Tripoli Prefecture launch is this Saturday (June 16).  Weather permitting, I will be attempting my Tripoli Level Two certification with a Binder Design Excel dual-deploy kit.  Here is my dual-deploy rocket checklist for this weekend’s launch.

This checklist covers items that need to be taken care of before you get to the launch site.  Let’s get started…

Updated: 24 November 2018

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Single-Deploy Rocket Checklist

Many times friends, family, and rocket club duties can distract you when you are getting your rocket ready to fly.  It is nice to have a checklist to help you get your rocket ready to fly.  This article will suggest a single-deploy rocket checklist that you can use.

Picture of Tripoli Tampa low-power pads

This checklist covers the basic steps needed to get your single-deploy rocket to the pad.  I will put a PDF version and an editable version at the bottom of the post.

Single-Deploy Rocket Checklist

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Launch Packing List

I put together a rocket launch packing list for folks who intend to launch hobby, sport, or high power rockets.  The list is below as well as a link to a PDF that you can download.


The first time I went to the launch field I found that I should have brought some things that I did not think I would need.   Once I figured out what I should bring, I have forgotten to bring an item on occasion.   So I had to borrow it from a fellow hobbyist.Picture of tool box

Another reason to create a packing list, is that at times you are traveling many miles to a launch.  It would be bad if you got to your destination and you forgot a vital piece of your launch day equipment.

The Launch Packing List

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