Solid Rocket Motor Static Firing - Model Rocketry Propulsion

Model Rocketry Propulsion

In the first article of this series, Return to Model Rocketry, I discussed some of the kits and kit manufacturers that exist today. However, a rocket without some way to propel it into the sky is just a cardboard, fiberglass, or carbon fiber tube. This article will talk about model rocketry propulsion in its various forms.

Various Motors
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Featured AIRFest Flight Line - Return to Model Rocketry

Return to Model Rocketry

I came across high power rocketry while searching on the web a couple of years ago. I had not flown a rocket since the 1970s.  So, I started doing some more reading, contacted the local Tripoli Prefecture (Tripoli Tampa) and ordered my first kits.  As a result, I have gotten my Tripoli certifications, contributed to the local club leadership, and started this blog.  This post will detail some of the resources and knowledge I have gained in my return to model rocketry.

Estes Rockets on launch pad
Model Rockets on the Pad

When I started this article, I was thinking that it could be covered in one post. As it turned out, it is going to take multiple articles to cover everything. At the end of each article, I will post the link to the next. Here is a list of all the articles in the series.

  • Rocket Kits and Manufacturers – This Article
  • Rocket Propulsion and Motors
  • Electronics – Upcoming
  • Miscellaneous Hardware and Components – Upcoming
  • Things to Do in Rocketry – Upcoming
  • Where to Start Upcoming – Upcoming
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