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This author got back into the rocketry hobby at the beginning of the 2018.  I am not an expert, but I wanted to start this blog to help others starting or getting back into the hobby.  One of the ways I am doing this is via a series of comprehensive articles starting with this one.

There are many sources of information out there, but I have found that a lot of it is dated.  This blog will try to report on new products and technology entering the hobby.

Personal Background
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Quick Facts
  • Born and raised in Minnesota
  • Graduated North Saint Paul High School 1980
  • Graduated United State Military Academy at West Point 1984
    • Concentrated in Electrical Engineering (top student)
    • Rhodes Scholar Nominee
    • National Science Foundation Scholarship Honorable Mention
    • Phi Kappa Phi
  • Captain, US Army
  • Telemetry Engineer, Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA
  • Telemetry Engineer, US Geological Survey (currently) EDDN
  • Tripoli Member #17879 Level 3
  • NAR Member #104537 Level 1

I live near Dade City, Florida, USA and am a member of the Tripoli Tampa Prefecture.

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