Tripoli Tampa May 2019 Launch

It was a beautiful day at the Varn Ranch for the Tripoli Tampa May 2019 launch. The winds in the morning were very light and they picked up slightly around midday. Consequently, a lot of large impulse launches were conducted. Notably, two of the M impulse launches were Tripoli Level 3 Certification flights. Both flights were successful

High Power Pads - Tripoli Tampa May 2019 Launch
High Power Launch Pads

Tripoli Tampa May 2019 Launch

Boy Scouts

We once again had a couple of Boy Scout troops in attendance. These guys loved putting C6-5’s in very small rockets. As a result, there were quite a few exciting flights from the low power launch pads. I hope they all got their requirements done for their merit badges.

Liberty Bell 7 Model Rocket

Mark from the east coast of Florida brought a real beauty of a rocket with him. It was Gus Grissom’s Liberty Bell 7 Redstone. He built it from a kit years ago, but he added some cherry scratch enhancements. First, he replaced the kit’s abort rocket tower with a scratch-built one made from wood. Additionally, he skinned the capsule with plastic venting material to reflect the metal exterior of the capsule. As a result, it is a great rocket to look at. The flight was also spectacular with the tower and the main body coming down under different parachutes.

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Leo V’s M1350 Launch

I was able to get some video of this launch and parachute recovery. Leo always comes to launch day with an impressive arsenal. For example, was this fiberglass beast with an M1350 motor in it. With perfect winds, the rocket ascended near vertically and was recovered a short distance away. Good flight!

Leo V M1350 High Power Rocket = Tripoli Tampa May 2019 Launch
Ready to Rock
M1350 Launch and Landing

End of the Day

As the day wore on, it started to get hot. The boy scouts broke camp and departed. So, the old farts launched some of their pet projects at their leisure. All in all, a good day. This ends the report on the Tripoli Tampa May 2019 launch.

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