It was a cold, rainy day when I drove into the town of Plymouth, Wisconsin. The GPS said to go to the big blue building. An email from Jason said to enter the door with the karate sign over it and look for the sign. Finally, I saw the sign over the door. The door that started my LOC PRECISION factory visit.

Sign - LOC PRECISION factory visit
The “Sign”


Jason and Dave were at the facility when I arrived. Jason was on a computer and Dave was in back producing laser-cut body tubes.

Rocket factory image
Dave Cutting Body Tube in the Backroom

The Bridge

The front room of the factory is the nerve center of LOC PRECISION Rocketry. I could feel the energy flowing through my body. The company tracks orders, inventory levels, and their website from this room. They even have a big screen monitor that’s sole purpose is to track all their shipments to customers.


Parachute Room

Another room is dedicated to producing their own parachutes. I thought they were buying parachutes from a third party. To produce a parachute, they have a large fabric cutting table and a set of parachute templates. Once the fabric is cut, the lines are sewn on to the chute with industrial sewing machines.

Laser Cutter

Alongside the parachute room is the primary fabrication center. There is a large CNC router in the center of the room. In reality, the work horse in the room is their laser cutter. Using an 80 watt laser, this machine can cut half-inch plywood in very little time. While I was there, Dave had set up and cut at least five 3-inch tubes to length and with fin slots.


The company holds a good inventory of ready-to-ship kits, rocket building parts, recovery gear, and hardware. We also checked out their landlord’s storeroom of cheese-making proteins and dry goods. They are in Wisconsin after all.


I enjoyed talking to Dave and Jason at their facility. While we were talking, I noticed a Rush (the band) baseball cap over Dave’s workstation. Evidently, we are all big Rush fans. Although, they may have gone to more concerts than me, I think I beat them in who went to a Rush concert first (1977).

I love LOC PRECISION products. Their 5.5-inch Minnie Magg was my Tripoli Level One certification flight rocket. I have built their 4-inch V-2 model.

Unique Engine Models

LOC PRECISION will be at LDRS 38 in Argonia this year. Rumor has it that they may be grilling brats one of the evenings of the event.

LOC Precision Logo - Vendor List

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