Tripoli Tampa April 2019 Launch

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With a major weather front passing through the area on Friday, it was a very windy day! Consequently, the decision was made to get all the pads set up and hope for the best from the winds. The skies were perfectly clear. So, the Tripoli Tampa April 2019 Launch was a go!

American Flag - Tripoli Tampa April 2016 Launch
Tom’s Rockets American Flag in the winds.

Tripoli Tampa April 2019 Launch

Two college groups showed up to launch their projects, the University of South Florida’s Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry (SOAR) and the University of Florida. USF launched the NASA Student Launch project to finish of their final report. In addition, Florida launched a couple of dual deployment, Blue Tube, rockets.

A hybrid rocket launch was also conducted. A hybrid rocket is a rocket that has solid fuel and a liquid oxidizer. So, the rocketeer loads the oxidizer into the rocket when it is on the pad and after its electronics have been activated. The pre-flight preparations and launch went off without a problem. However, a problem with the recovery system resulted in a ballistic return to earth.

Here are the rest of the pictures from the launch. Overall, it was a better day than expected. Even though the winds were strong, we burnt a lot of propellant. Above all, we had a good time.

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