USF SOAR Two-Stage Rocket Launch

In my report yesterday, I mentioned the fact that the winds were too strong for any high altitude launches. One of the rockets scheduled to launch was the University of South Florida Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry’s huge two-stage rocket project (Codename: TAURUS). So, here are the pictures and video of the USF SOAR Two-Stage Rocket Launch.

USF SOAR Team - USF SOAR Two-Stage Rocket Launch
USF SOAR Construction Team
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Tripoli Tampa April 2019 Launch

With a major weather front passing through the area on Friday, it was a very windy day! Consequently, the decision was made to get all the pads set up and hope for the best from the winds. The skies were perfectly clear. So, the Tripoli Tampa April 2019 Launch was a go!

American Flag - Tripoli Tampa April 2016 Launch
Tom’s Rockets American Flag in the winds.
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