Tripoli Tampa February 2019 Launch

It was a beautiful day at the Varn Ranch. The Prefecture’s usual suspects, USF students, and Boy Scouts all showed up yesterday for our monthly fun. What fun you ask? Why the Tripoli Tampa February 2019 Launch, of course.

Brain Wizards - Tripoli Tampa February 2019 Launch
Tripoli Tampa Brain Wizards

Tripoli Tampa February 2019 Launch

My Prefecture’s launches are scheduled for every third Saturday of the month. Last week when we came out on Friday night to set up the pads, we discovered a wet, unusable launch area. So, the launch was postponed to the following week. On launch day, we had to create a new access point to the flight line due to lingering mud.

Wireless Launch System

A high point of the day was the use of Robert’s scratch-built, wireless launch system. We used them on the high-power pads and it worked flawlessly.

Wireless Launch Controller - Tripoli Tampa February 2019 Launch
Wireless Launch Controller

Boy Scouts

We had a troop of Boy Scouts at the launch. They were working on merit badges. John, our scouting liaison, RSO’ed their projects and helped them with their launches. It looked like they had a pretty good time and had some successful launches.

University of South Florida

The student rocket club of the USF, Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry (SOAR), attended the launch. They had two objectives for this launch meeting. Firstly, a dry run of setting up their two-stage, N-impulse-to-L-impulse rocket. This rocket is 25 feet tall! The actual launch date of this beast is TBD.

Secondly, they needed to launch their National Sport Launch (NSL) entry to make a contest deadline. The team accomplished both objectives.

My Stuff

I intended to launch four rockets. The first was my Jayhawk on a G76. Second was my MAC Performance Scorpion on an Experimental motor in the I impulse range. Third was the SEMROC Thunderstorm on an Estes E9-6. And finally was the Sky Condor glider on a B6-4.

The results were not good. I lost the Scorpion. It flew great. But, NOBODY on the flight line got a visual on it after launch. I drove the entire pasture looking for that rocket.

The Thunder Storm and Jayhawk flew well and were recovered. Finally, the glider launched okay, but on its landing it hit barbed wire and shattered into three pieces.

The Best of the Rest

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