Adding Rockets to the Toolkit

This article will provide instructions on how to add your rockets, pictures, and launches to the Fun With Rockets Toolkit. The FwR Toolkit is a database of kits, motors, cases, and launch fields that a visitor can use as an aid to their rocketry hobby.

Database Menu Items - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit
Database Menu Items

One feature of the Toolkit is the ability of a user to add their own rockets to the database. I am not good at writing documentation, so I will be adding a lot of pictures to this post.

Adding Rockets to the Toolkit

To add a rocket to the Toolkit, you have to be a registered and logged in user. To sign up, click the Sign Up Now button or the Log In link on the menu. Here is the Sign Up Link

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Sign Up Button - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit

After submitting your information, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Click on the link in the email to activate your account.

Create a Rocket

Currently, the only rockets you can create in the Toolkit are rockets made from the kits in the database. To find a kit, click on the Rocket Kits link in the menu. From there, you can search and sort by various characteristics of the kit such as Manufacturer, motor mount size, etc

Rocket Kits Page - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit
Rocket Kits Page

To select a kit, click on its name. Next, the toolkit displays the kit details page. For these instructions, I will use the Aerospace Speciality Products’ 13mm Hangtime kit. I built this kit for the NARTREK Bronze parachute duration event.

Kit Detail Page - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit
Kit Detail Page

The white area on the image above is pointing to the button to create your rocket. Click it. The new rocket page will come up next. On this page, you can name your rocket, set its actual weight, its build data, and its current status.

New Rocket Page - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit
Enter Your Rocket Details

Clicking the button creates the rocket. The Toolkit will now display the rocket on its newly created page.

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Show Rocket Page - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit
Your New Rocket

There are a few features of note on the image above. I have not added any images yet, so the image section of the page has a placeholder. In the bottom left is a button to add launches to this rocket. And I can edit the basic rocket information or delete the rocket using the blue and red buttons respectively.

Add Pictures

Time to add a picture to the rocket. You can store up to four photos for each rocket. To add a picture, click the “Add a Picture” button. It will bring up this screen.

dd a picture to a rocket - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit

Browse your device for the picture you want. You can also add a caption to your picture. Once you are happy with everything, save the picture. Your submitted are invisible to others until they are approved.

Rocket Show Page with Image - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit
Your Picture Awaiting Approval

Add a Launch

Like adding a picture, adding a launch follows the same procedure. So, click on the Add a Launch button to display the new launch page.

New launch page - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit

On this page, you set the date, altitude, and result of the launch. A couple of notes. First, the altitude has to be set. I may change this in the future to allow no entry if you do not know the altitude of the rocket launch. Also, I only have two fields in the database. So, if you want your field listed, send me the details of your field. You can use this link.

Detail Page with Launch - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit
Your Launch Has Been Saved

The rocket’s detail page displays the saved launch. The launch field and user profile pages also display the new launch.

Share Your Work

Share Buttons - Adding Rockets to the Toolkit

I added sharing buttons to select pages. This will allow you to share your rockets and profile with others via social media and messaging. If you have any problems or have suggestions for the Toolkit, please drop me a line.

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