LDRS 38 Master Plan

In August 2018, Kloudbusters put out a press release announcing that their field will be the site of the next Tripoli Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (LDRS) Annual Launch.  I was at AIRFest this year, and enjoyed my time on the flight line.  So, it is only natural that I would want to attend the LDRS next year.  With that, what follows is my LDRS 38 Master Plan. 

LDRS37 Launch - LDRS38 Master Plan
Big Rocket – LDRS 37

LDRS 38 Master Plan 


I will be driving up to Argonia, Kansas from Florida.  My first stop will be Mobile, Alabama to pick up a crew member(s).  Two more days will get us to Kansas.  Last year we stopped at Vicksburg and toured the battlefield. It was a worthwhile stop.

General Grant at Vicksburg - LDRS 38 Master Plan
Your author visiting General Grant

I wanted to stay in the Tripoli hotel (Anthony Cobblestone Inn & Suites) but they told me they would call me back in a week and I never heard back from them. So, we will be staying at the Travelodge in Wellington.  I stayed there for AIRFest and it is clean and quiet.  There are some nice restaurants in downtown Wellington where we had dinner every evening.  The trip to the flight line is easy and not too far. 

Travelodge in Wellington


I have three projects planned for LDRS 38.  I wanted to build projects that will utilize the large footprint of the Kloudbuster’s fields.  My local club, Tripoli Tampa, has an FAA waiver of 12,000 feet.  The altitude waiver out in Kansas is 50,000!

Friends4Michael Charity Rocket Project

As mentioned in this post, one of the rockets that I will launch will be a rocket to raise money for the Friends4Michael Foundation.  This rocket needs to be large so that it has a lot of real estate to put foundation and donor information on it.  The Madcow 8-inch DX3 is the kit that is going to be used for this project.  Here is the Build Page. 

Madcow 8-inch DX3- LDRS 38 Master Plan
Madcow 8-inch DX3

Build Page <— Click to see rocket build!

Two-stage Rocket Project

Having never made a high power two-stage rocket, this launch would be a logical choice to fly one.  A month or so ago, Madcow had a flash sale of the 5.5-inch Nike Tomahawk.  At the time, I was not really interested.  On the morning of the sale, I logged in to see the sale price.  It was a great price so I hit the “Add to Cart” button and purchased one. 

Nike-Tomahawk Parts List

Build Page <— Click to see rocket build!

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Minimum Diameter Rocket Project

The next project I will be launching is a minimum diameter rocket.  It will probably be a 54mm body tube/motor mount.  I selected the Wildman Expedition Series Mach 2.  I am going to use a fly-away launch system as opposed to building my own launch tower (which I would have to haul to Argonia).

Launch Tower - LDRS 38 Master Plan
Launch Tower
Wildman Mach 2 - LDRS 38 Master Plan
Wildman Mach 2

Build Page <— Click to see rocket build!

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