Tripoli Tampa December 2018 Launch

After a rainy start to the morning, the Tripoli Tampa Rocket Association launch took place on December 15th, 2018. The weather did not look good when I got up. After a few texts and Facebook messages, I loaded up the car and headed to the field.

Flight line - Tripoli Tampa December 2018 Launch

Tripoli Tampa December 2018 Launch

The usual suspects were in attendance with a few of the regulars missing because of the Holidays.  Student groups from the University of South Florida (Tampa) and the University of Central Florida (Orlando) where also at the launch.

The Day

The cloud ceiling at the start of the launch was 6,000 feet and it ended up going to 11,000 feet. This limited the high power activity somewhat.  To fill the void, there were some interesting low power rockets launched throughout the day.

My Launches

I launched the Sky Condor Boost Glider on an Estes A8-3.  I should have used a B motor.  It flew great and stayed aloft 24 seconds.  I also launched a Sunward Sky Bender which is a tri-motor cluster rocket on three B6-4 Estes motors.  All three motors lit, and It reached an altitude of 420 feet.

I also launched my AQM-37A Jay Hawk on an Aerotech F40-10.  That launch was spectacular with a good flight profile.  Thanks to Matt Quince for the photos of this launch as I was busy on the high power pads.

Motor Failure

We had a motor failure on the high power pad that resulted in the total loss of the airframe.  Thankfully, the field was really wet and the ground around the pad contained the fire.

Launch Video

Far pad -Tripoli Tampa December 2018 Launch

Given the weather conditions and the holidays, the turnout for the launch was quite good.  It is always good to see the “gang” and burn up some money in the form of composite rocket propellant.  Looking forward to next month, when the VFW Post 4283 Dade Dart charity rocket gets launched.

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