VFW Post 4283 Launch

Next month I am going to launch a rocket on behalf of the Veterans of Foreign Wars(VFW) Post 4283 which is based in Dade City, Florida. They are always looking for ways to raise money to cover their operating expenses and to make capital improvements. They also like to gamble a little bit…. So I thought that I would build a rocket and let people buy predictions on how high it will fly. The winner will get one half of the prize pool and the Post will get the other half.

Dade Dart in the Bar - VFW Post 4283 Launch
Dade Dart in the VFW Bar

The rocket launch is scheduled for the January launch ( January 19, 2019 ) on Tripoli Tampa’s field near Plant City, Florida. Some of the Post members have said that they will be attending the launch. If you are interested in attending this launch, check out the Tripoli Tampa website for information on attending a launch or contact me.

VFW Post 4283 Launch

The Rocket

I chose to build another Blue Tube rocket from Always Ready Rocketry. I used Blue Tube for my Tripoli Level Three rocket, the BOTC 84.  The actual kit used is the 3-inch “Basic Blue”. Single deployment will be used for recovery with a Jolly Logic chute release on the parachute. The center-of-gravity with the motor was a little too close to the center-of-pressure. I ended up putting 4 ounces of lead shot into the tip of the nose cone.

Blue Tube Air Frame - VFW Post 4283 Launch
Blue Tube Rocket

The rocket was finished with Krylon paint (Ivory White). All of the lettering and insignia were cut from vinyl. Once the vinyl was applied, a Krylon clear coat was applied. The rocket is named the Major Francis E. Dade Dart in honor of the Post’s namesake.

The Contest

The rules and entries for the contest are on the Official Contest Page. Basically, predictions will be taken on the flight altitude. The rocket will be flown and the altitude determined by two barometric altimeters. The winner will collect half of the betting pool and VFW Post 4283 gets the other half.

The Post

The Post is located at 12735 VFW Rd, Dade City, Florida 33525. The pub is open to the public and the kitchen is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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