LOC Precision 4-inch V-2 Rocket

My son was coming down to Tampa in November for the Tampa Tripoli monthly launch.  I had my MAC Performance Scorpion that I could launch.  I also had some smaller rockets that I was going to launch from the low-power pads.  Being interested in scale models, I have built quite a few low-power, scale model rockets.  I wanted to build something a little bigger, so I went online and ordered the LOC Precision 4-inch V-2 rocket kit.Camoflage - LOC Precision 4-inch V-2 Rocket

LOC Precision 4-inch V-2 Rocket


The V-2 was Wernher von Braun’s primary rocket development project for Nazi Germany.  It was used tactically against Great Britain, France and the Benelux countries.  After the war, the United States took von Braun, some of his scientists and engineers, and 300 rail cars of rocket parts to White Sands Proving Grounds.  They eventually ended up in Huntsville, Alabama, where many of the early USA rockets were designed, built, and tested.  The Redstone rocket is a direct descendant of the V-2.  More information can be found on a site dedicated to the V-2 and the V-2 wiki site.

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The Build

My Tripoli Level One certification rocket was a LOC Precision Minnie Magg.  I like their kits.  They are well made and have great instructions.  This kit proved to be no exception.  It is wood and cardboard with a plastic nose cone and plastic lower body transition.

The build was easy.  The only snag was with the lower body transition.  The molded plastic part was slightly out-of-round.  I rigged up a clamp to keep the transition round while the lower centering ring was epoxied to the bottom.  It worked out well and construction continued with no other problems.

LOC Precision recommends a special epoxy for the connections to the plastic parts of this kit.  I did not have this epoxy, so I used FixIt epoxy clay to create the fillets to the wooden fins.FIXIT Epoxy clay fillets - LOC Precision 4-inch V-2 Rocket

This rocket kit comes with a launch lug.  I decided to put some rail buttons on this rocket as most of the high-power pads at our launch site use rails.

Finished Rocket

Going to the V-2 rocket site mentioned above, I picked the tactical pattern that the German Wehrmacht used in the field at least for a while.  It seems they just ended up painting them field gray towards the end of the war.

Unique Engine Models

The rocket was launched at the November meeting of Tripoli Tampa.  This was the same launch day where I recovered the Callahan’s Express rocket that I lost the previous month.  I used a Cesaroni I212 Smokey Sam (364I212-14A).  I kept the delay at 14 seconds which ended up being about 2 seconds too long but there were no problems with the flight or recovery.

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