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At next year’s LDRS (number 38), I will be launching a very special rocket.  It is a rocket that will be dedicated to a charity that I fully endorse, The Friends4Michael Foundation.  It is a charity established by two of my West Point Class of 1984 classmates, Bridgitte and Mike Kwinn, in memory of their son Michael.  Michael passed away due to a brain tumor much too young.  I want to run by you what I am planning to launch at KloudBuster’s Rocket Pasture in Argonia, Kansas next year.  So, on to the Friends4Michael Charity Launch plan.Logo - Friends4Michael Charity Rocket Launch

Friends4Michael Charity Launch


I am building something big.  The reason is that the charity is hoping to find sponsors.  So, I want a lot of real estate on the rocket to dedicate to their generosity.   This probably means a large diameter kit, but could also mean a kit with larger fins, or multiple fins.

I have two candidates in mind (please feel free to suggest others).  The first is the Madcow Rocketry 8-inch DX3.Madcow DX3 Massive - Friends4Michael Charity Rocket Launch

The other is the Performance Hobbies Performer 200.  It is an 8-inch kit that is currently on sale!permance Hobbies Performer150 - Friends4Michael Charity Rocket Launch


I am going to use redundant flight computers.  The primary will be an Altus Metrum TeleMetrum.  I have an Amateur Radio Technical License and the dongle to receive real-time data from this board.  The backup system will be a PerfectFlite StratoLoggerCF that I dearly love.

I want to mount a camera in this rocket, so I need some suggestions on an internal mount and set up.  There will be plenty of room to fit it into. I know that there are more products and companies doing camera mount systems.


Both kits I listed above have 98mm motor mounts.  I am flexible with using AeroTech or Cesaroni hardware.  Loki Research’s production of 98mm hardware is on hold according to their website.  I am just starting to make my own propellant, but for this launch I am going to let the professionals handle it.

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I was thinking about getting a custom parachute made in the colors of the Friends4Michael brand.  Bama Recovery Systems makes some unique, strong, and colorful parachutes.  I have met founder at a Tampa Tripoli launch and he makes beautiful chutes.  So, they are high on my list to use for the recovery silks.


I am purchasing all the equipment needed as a donation to Friends4Michael.  On the charity’s donation page, there will soon be an ‘LDRS 38 Rocket’ fund that donors can use.  ALL the money donated to this fund goes to the charity.  And Friends4Michael is a lean charity, so you will be helping them take care of pediatric brain tumor patients and their families.  Friends4Michael has been up and running since 2003 and has raised over $3,000,000 to fight pediatric brain tumors.Logo - Friends4Michael Charity Rocket Launch

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