Aerospace Specialty Products Hang Time Rocket

One of the events in the Bronze level of the NAR’s National Association of Rocketry Training Rocketeers for Experience and Knowledge (NARTREK) is parachute duration.  I have completed the other three events: streamer duration, multi-staged rocket, and large engine rocket.  My attempts at parachute duration has come up short.  I used an A-impulse rocket, Apogee Component’s International Thermal Sailor.  I used it to get my streamer duration time (36 seconds).  Using the large parachute with the kit, I got 46 seconds in the air.  I needed 60 seconds.

So, I decided to get a B-impulse rocket (18mm motor).   I did not have to look far to find my rocket.  Aerospace Specialty Products is right down the road from me in Florida.  And the kit I chose was their Hang Time Rocket.Aerospace Specialty Products Hang Time Rocket

Aerospace Specialty Products Hang Time Rocket

Kit Contents

The kit is a basic “three fins and a tube” rocket.  The body tube is glassine-coated wound paper.  The fins and nosecone are made from balsa wood.  The parts are high-quality.  The included instructions are some of the best I have seen.  There are six pages of instructions for this simple kit.  There were also separate instructions for the construction of the Mylar parachute.Kit contents - Aerospace Specialty Products Hang Time Rocket

Airframe Construction

I used CA glue for the entire construction of this kit.  This is what the instructions suggested.  CA keeps the weight of the rocket low and makes construction quick. To finish the fins, I wicked thin CA into each airfoiled fin and sanded them when it dried.  I learned this technique from a video from Apogee Components.

Recovery System

This kit includes an 18-inch Mylar parachute.  It is very lightweight and compact.  As mentioned earlier, the instructions included with the parachute are top notch.  The shroud lines are made from a fine, woven thread that does not snarl and does not fray at the end.  Mylar tape is used to secure the shroud lines to the Mylar parachute.Parachute - Aerospace Specialties Products Hang Time Rocket


I will launch this rocket at the next Tripoli Tampa launch in November.  I will update this post when it happens.

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