Sky Condor Boost Glider

I am interested in earning the NAR’s National Association of Rocketry Training Rocketeers for Experience and Knowledge (NARTREK) achievements. One of the tasks for the Silver achievement is the construction and flight of a boosted glider. Apogee Components has suggested kits for completing each level of the program. The Sky Condor Boost Glider is a recommended kit for the Silver level.Package - Sky Condor Boost Glider

Sky Condor Boost Glider

First Impressions

The kit is manufactured in China, and there were some issues with the kit. In some cases, the instruction manual’s written instructions did not match the diagrams referenced. But, if you have built kits before, you can figure out what the instructions are getting at. They also included a set of decals, but there is no diagram or instructions to guide their placement.Kit Components - Sky Condor Boost Glider

The wooden components of the kit are very well made. The airfoils were already carved into the wings, so you do not have to sand airfoils into the wings. I used CA glue for the entire construction to keep the glider light and quicken the construction process.CA Glue - Sky Condor Boost Glider


It took me an hour to build this kit. There is not a lot to it and it is built for functionality, not beauty.

There was a problem with the plastic part that attaches the wings to the square dowel that is the glider body. The instructions said to mount it 1.5 inches from the end of the dowel. The diagram looked like it should be 3 or 4 inches from the end. And the plastic part’s slot was closed on one end. I think this part was created for another kit. To mount the wings 1.5 inches from the end, I had to file the ridge out of the slot. No big deal, but still an issue.Wing COnnection - Sky Condor Boost Glider


This glider has a detaching booster to get it to altitude. Once there, the booster deploys a streamer for recovery. I added a brass tube inside the streamer connection to the shock cord. That way I can easily replace the streamer if it needs replacement.

The Sky Condor Boost Glider is complete and ready to fly. I will fly this rocket when I complete the Bronze level of NARTREK. When I fly it, I will report on it in a later post.  The direct link to this kit is HERE.

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