Buccaneer Blast 2018

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The Tripoli Tampa Prefecture has been holding a Buccaneer Blast 2-day launch event for the last ten years.  This year’s event was great.  The weather was a little warm on Saturday, but it was perfect on Sunday.Sparky Motor - Buccaneer Blast 2018

Buccaneer Blast 2018

All rocket sizes and types were represented.  There were many small lower power rocket launches.  Rocket gliders and helicopter recovery models were flown.  There was a Redstone Mercury rocket race.

This was a TRA Research Rules launch, so there were Level 1, 2, and 3 certifications flights.  The largest motor flown was a “Baby N” experimental motor.

The University of South Florida SOAR rocketry club was there on Saturday with the grill.  They sold hamburgers, hotdogs, snacks, and drinks.

Also on Saturday, the Tripoli Tampa Prefecture hosted a raffle for prizes donated by club members and vendors in attendance ( Tom’s Rocket Gear and the Motorman ).  I won a Madcow 2.2-inch fiberglass Adventurer!


On Sunday, I launched by MAC Performance Scorpion and the Callahan’s Express.  Sunday’s crowd was smaller, and this made the atmosphere more relaxed for everyone.  So, the officers of the club actually got a chance to fly some of their rockets.

I enjoy this club’s launches.  They are organized, safe, and have many great rocketeers in attendance.

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