SLUGR-T Report

I attended the St. Lucie Gator Regional Test Launch (SLUGR-T) hosted by Florida Spacemodeling Association on Saturday, September 29, 2018.  It was a great time and the drive to the event was worth it.  The verbiage of this post will be short, but I am going to add a lot of pictures.  So, here is my SLUGR-T Report.

High Power Pads - SLUGR-T Report

SLUGR-T Report

I arrived at 9 AM.  The morning started out slow, but everyone was in good spirits.  I met some of the local members and exchanged rocket “war stories” with many of them.  Here are some pictures of the set up.

My Day is Looking Up - SLUGR-T ReportI did not get any takers for my “My Day is Looking Up” T-shirt :-(.  Here is a picture and a link to the shirt – My Day is Looking Up



There were  a lot of nice rockets at the event.  A couple of high power dual stage rockets, a fighter jet glider, a hybrid launch, and numerous Level 2 certification flights.

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