Vendor List Additions

In my travels and building activities, I have come across some more vendors that need to be highlighted.  They will also be placed on the Vendors Page.  So without further ado, here are my vendor list additions.

LOC/Precision Booth at AIRFest24

Vendor List Additions

MAC Performance Rocketry

I talked to these guys at AIRFest24.  They are producing kits with body tubes made out of canvas phenolic.  The result is a strong body tube that has NO GROOVES to fill.  I have not analyzed the price versus Blue Tube or fiberglass, but I like the kit I purchased from them ( 54mm Scorpion).  They also sell recovery items and finishing hardware for rocketry.

Website Phone: 518-872-9490

Lab Rat Rocketry

This is another company that I met at AIRFest24.  They are one of the first vendors to use 3d printing in the rocketry hobby.  They make some nice electronic bay sleds and forms for other rocket parts.



I know this company is known to many, but I wanted to add them to the list for completeness.  These guys QUICKLY fulfill orders for screws, nuts, adhesives, plastics, shop supplies, cleaning supplies, tools….you name it.  The website is easy  to navigate and orders are usually delivered in one or two days for no additional charge.

Website Phone: 404-346-7000

Shop for Flying Model Rockets

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