AIRFest24 Report

Here is a AIRFest24 report from my experience on the first two days of AIRFest.  We had to leave early four our trip back to Florida on Sunday to get people back into school.  This was my first time at the Rocket Pasture and I enjoyed my time there immensely.

In Position

AIRFest24 Report


The local prefect, KLOUDBusters, run a great launch event.  There are rockets launching about every coupe of minutes on average with very few interruptions in operations.  The amount of high power pads separated by enough safety distance allows them to do this.

The high winds on Friday stopped the prefect from erecting their large Range Safety Officer (RSO) tent.  They got it up on Saturday.

The Paddock

There was a nice turnout on Friday and an even larger turnout on Saturday.  The food truck out there, D & M Concession and Winzer Family Ice Cream, were excellent and reasonably priced.  Here are some pictures of flyers and spectators in the paddock.


Numerous manufacturers and vendors were on hand to supply items that the flyers forgot.  They also showed off their new products and supported flyers using their products at the launch.  My apologies for vendors not pictured.

Launch Operations

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