LOC Precision Minnie Magg

One of the rockets in my arsenal is the LOC Precision Minnie Magg.  Produced by LOC Precision up in Wisconsin, it was my Tripoli Level 1 Certification rocket.  I call it the “stubby rocket” and I really have enjoyed building it and launching it on numerous occasions including AIRFest 24.LOC Precision Minnie Magg

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BOTC84 Launch

Liftoff - BOTC84 Launch

The Best of the Corps 84 rocket launched occurred on Saturday, September 1st.  It was launched from pad 62 on one of the Away Cells at the Kloudbusters annual AIRFest launch event.  The actual design and construction of this rocket is documented on this page.  I am happy to say that the BOTC84 launch was a success and I received my Tripoli Level Three Certification.

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