Getting Ready for AIRFest 24

As AIRFest 24 nears, I am packing my tools, expendables, rockets, and equipment in preparation for the launch weekend.  AIRFest 24 runs from August 31, 2018 to September 3, 2018.  Hundreds of flyers will be attending the event.  I will be launching my Level Tripoli Certification candidate, BOTC84; an AeroTech Cheetah; and a LOC Precision Minnie Magg.  It has taken quite a bit work getting ready for AIRFest 24.    Gear Containers - Getting Ready for AIRFest 24

Getting Ready For AIRFest 24

This trip is not like the Saturday launches with the Tampa Tripoli Prefecture.  That field is 15 minutes from my farm near Dade City, Florida.  AIRFest 24 is located near Argonia, Kansas which is 1,400 miles from me.  So, this means planning and creating a packing list to make sure you have everything.Map To Argonia - Getting Ready for AIRFest 24

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I already have written an article about packing for launch day.  This list is a starting point and I added items that were specific for the rockets, motors, and electronics I will be using.Gear Containers - Getting Ready for AIRFest 24

I divided the items to be packed by general function.  Rocket parts, electronics, ground equipment, tools, consumables and personal items.  There is an electronics box, small hardware case, a toolbox, a large plastic tote for recovery gear and miscellaneous. Finally, I use an Eagle backpack for my clothes and a Swiss Army backpack for a laptop and other electronic gear.

I left the flight computers mounted to the electronics sled and secured the sled into the electronics bay.  The rocket body parts are wrapped in wax paper as I am concerned that the paint and vinyl will get stuck what it is going to sit on during transport.Rocket Components - Getting Ready for AIRFest 24

The car is packed and I am on my way.  See you in Argonia.

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