BOTC84 Nosecone

LOC Precision Removabme Nose Weight System Components - BOTC84 ROcket BuildThe LOC Precision Removable Nose Weight System requires more construction but the end results are worth it.  If your rocket is unstable, this system will help you get the center-of-gravity farther forward.  In the case of the BOTC84, the system will be used to house tracking electronics as the nosecone will be recovered under a separate parachute.  Instructions can be downloaded here.  So, let’s get on with the BOTC84 nosecone build.

BOTC84 Nosecone

12 July 2018
  1. The bulkheads and mounting tubes are glued inside the nosecone using epoxy.  The first step is to wash the nosecone inside and out with soap and warm water to remove any oils or mold release agents.Epoxied areas - BOTC84 Nosecone Build
  2. Epoxy the end bulkhead on the mounting tube after determining the total length of the couplers that will be contained inside.
  3. I used a vice to drive the T-nuts into the bulkhead and epoxied the nuts into place.
  4. Bulkhead in Place - BOTC84 Nosecone BuildThe bulkhead was then inserted into the nosecone and epoxied against the transition of the cone to the shoulder.
13 July 2018
  1. After the bulkhead epoxy dried, the mounting tube was inserted into the hole in the bulkhead.  The tube was epoxied to the end of the nosecone and a fillet of epoxy was placed around the mounting tube – bulkhead connection.
  2. I designed this system with the idea of adding weight to the nose with a canister that slides into the mounting tube.  I am going to use this canister to hold a radio tracker.  This tracker is needed as the nosecone will be recovered separately from the rocket.  The canister will be built as per the instructions but instead of lead shot, the canister will be hollow to hold the tracker.
14 July 2018
  1. The canister has two bulkheads.  One bulkhead has a hole for an eye bolt that attaches to the parachute tether and deployment bag.  I secured the nut with Loctite and epoxy.

The rest of the BOTC84 rocket construction pages can be accessed from this link: The BOTC84 Rocket Build


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