BOTC84 Finishing

Grooves Filled - BOTC84 FinishingBlue Tube is finished just about the same way as fiberglass or paper bodies with one exception.  Dave Ebersole at Always Ready Rocketry recommends sealing the tube with a sanding sealer.  His recommendation is Cabot Sanding Sealer and I used that for the BOTC84 finishing.

BOTC84 Finishing

1 Aug 2018
  1. Filled the grooves on the electronics bay outer ring with Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Filler.  I then coated it with Cabot Sanding Sealer as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Sanded it with 400 grit sandpaper.
  2. Filled Body Grooves - BOTC84 FinishingFilled the grooves of the upper body tube with the wood filler.  Let it dry and sanded off the excess.
3 Aug 2018
  1.  Sanded the upper body tube and wiped it down with a damp cloth.  Applied Cabot Sanding Sealer to the tube.
4 Aug 2018

I used a hobby knife to trim the seams off of the nose cone. Sanded the nose cone with 150-grit sand paper to help the primer and paint to adhere to the plastic.Sanding Nosecone - BOTC84 Finishing

9 Aug 2018

Lower Body Tube - BOTC84 FinishingFilled the grooves on the lower body tube with Elmer’s Wood Filler.

10 Aug 2018

Sanded the filler off of the lower body tube and applied two coats of Cabot Sanding Sealer to the tube.Sealed Body Tube - BOTC84 Finishing

12 Aug 2018

Masked off all the holes, screws, and the base of the air frame in preparation of priming and painting.

15 Aug 2018
  1. Once the sanding sealer had completely dried, sanded all the surfaces to be painted with 360-grit sand paper.
  2. Applied two coats of gray primer to all the parts to be painted.
16 Aug 2018

While the primer is drying (I am waiting 48 hours) made some vinyl designs to place on the rocket.

23 Aug 2018

The decals have been applied and now a few more coats of clear gloss and the job will be done!

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