Getting Ready for AIRFest 24

As AIRFest 24 nears, I am packing my tools, expendables, rockets, and equipment in preparation for the launch weekend.  AIRFest 24 runs from August 31, 2018 to September 3, 2018.  Hundreds of flyers will be attending the event.  I will be launching my Level Tripoli Certification candidate, BOTC84; an AeroTech Cheetah; and a LOC Precision Minnie Magg.  It has taken quite a bit work getting ready for AIRFest 24.    Gear Containers - Getting Ready for AIRFest 24

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BOTC84 Electronics Bay

Sled Layout - BOTC84 Electronics BayThe BOTC84 Electronics Bay is a standard bay constructed of Blue Tube coupler that fits inside of the main body tube.  The rest of the structure is aircraft grade plywood of various thicknesses.  The Tripoli Level 3 certification rules stipulate redundant deployment electronics.  I will be using a Altus Metrum TeleMega 3.0 for the primary and a PerfectFlite StratologgerCF as the backup.

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BOTC84 Nosecone

LOC Precision Removabme Nose Weight System Components - BOTC84 ROcket BuildThe LOC Precision Removable Nose Weight System requires more construction but the end results are worth it.  If your rocket is unstable, this system will help you get the center-of-gravity farther forward.  In the case of the BOTC84, the system will be used to house tracking electronics as the nosecone will be recovered under a separate parachute.  Instructions can be downloaded here.  So, let’s get on with the BOTC84 nosecone build.

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