Callahan’s Express

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This rocket was created from the 4-inch Basic Blue kit with the avionics bay from Always Ready Rocketry.  Being a big Tampa Bay Lightning fan, I decided I would finish the rocket in their colors.  My favorite player on the team is Ryan Callahan.  He plays on the checking line and always gives maximum effort on the ice.  So here is the Callahan’s Express rocket.

Rocket and Builder - Callahan's Express

I love Blue Tube and enjoy talking to Dave Ebersole when I have questions about Blue Tube and my orders.  I am building my Tripoli Level 3 candidate out of Blue Tube.  This kit went together very well and I am pleased with the finish.Rocket Schematic - Callahan's Express

I created the vinyl decals on a Silhouette Cameo.  These are the first I made.  I like how they turned out.

I was going to launch this rocket at the July launch of the TTRA.  The launch this month has been scratched because of all the rain we have been getting in Florida.  And next month the Prefecture does not have a launch scheduled.  So this rocket will be traveling with me to AIRFest in Argonia, Kansas this Labor Day weekend.

Launch Page

Recovery Page

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