BOTC84 Rocket Build

Award - Winning ART SCALE 1/10 Collection

It is time to start working on my Tripoli Level Three rocket project. It is going to be a large rocket that will be powered by an “M” motor. I plan on launching the rocket at AIRFest in Argonia, Kansas this upcoming Labor Day weekend.  The name of the rocket will be BOTC84.  That represents “Best of the Corps” 1984.  This post will document my BOTC84 rocket build.

Schematic - BOTC84 Rocket Build

Updated: 23 August 2018

Table of Contents

This post was too long, so I broke it up into multiple posts covering different parts of the construction:


The rocket will be constructed out of Blue Tube that is sold exclusively by AlwaysReadyRocketry.  The nosecone is built by LOC Precision and has the Removable Nose Weight System.  This will allow me to add a tracker to the nosecone.

The fins are G10 fiberglass. I designed them in OpenRocket and am having them fabricated by Public Missiles.


Part of the level 3 certification requirements is the creation of a design package.  To design the rocket I used the OpenRocket software package.  The image above was created with this package.

Award - Winning ART SCALE 1/10 Collection

BOTC84 OpenRocket File (Remove the ‘.txt’ at the end of the file to run in OpenRocket)Flight Profile - BOTC84 Rocket Build

Per the Tripoli website, I also have to create a document that includes the following information:

  • A completely filled out Pre-Flight Data Capture form
  • Drawings of the rocket showing airframe components, fins, bulkheads, recovery system components, payloads, etc. (OpenRocket)
  • A parts listing that includes material descriptions, adhesive types, screw sizes gauges, thicknesses, etc.
  • A simplified wiring diagram of the electronic recovery system that shows the major components.
  • Pre-flight checklist describing: field assembly of the rocket, motor installation, recovery system preparation, launcher installation, system arming, etc.

I used Microsoft Word to create my document.  Once completed, I sent the document and OpenRocket file to the two TAP reviewers that have graciously agreed to certify my package, rocket, and launch.

BOTC84 Project Document (v 1.0)



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    1. Thanks. I hope it goes well. The parachute recovery portion of the flight is usually where the fatalities occur. The nice thing is that it will go so high and drift, I wouldn’t see it crash and burn.

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