Binder Design Excel

This kit was used for my Tripoli Level Two certification on June 16, 2018 at the TTRA monthly launch.  I was looking for a high-quality rocket with a good set of building instructions.  The result of my search for such a rocket was the Binder Design Excel with Dual Deploy add-on.

Binder Design Excel - Completed

The Build

Binder Design Excel - Electronics BayBinder Design makes a great rocket.  The build was straight forward.  I ordered the kit with the dual-deployment electronics bay and everything worked together well.  I finished the kit in about two weeks and that was with quite a few days of waiting for slow-curing epoxy to set.

It is a great rocket for Level One and Level Two certification.  The materials are standard.  It is not too big or too small.

I also like the extras that Binder Design throws into the kit.  Their arming switch is really nice and I am buying them for my other projects that use electronics.  Their motor retainer is simple, yet effective.


16 JUN 2018TTRA Rocket Pasture, Plant City, Florida3350 feetLevel Two Success

The first flight was straight and true.  The motor used was a Cesaroni J335 Red Lightning which I purchased at the launch site from Tom’s Rocket Gear.  At apogee, the spectators on the ground saw “an event”.  This was the first ejection charge deploying the drogue parachute.

Flight Profile - Binder Design Excel
Flight Data from StratoLoggerCF

The second charge deployed the main parachute.  The rocket ended up landing about 100 yards from the launch pad.  I had an enjoyable and short walk to retrieve my rocket.  All parts were serviceable and one of our local TAP members signed my certification form.

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Binder Design Excel Photos

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