PVC Rocket Cradle

When I went to my first couple of launches, I noticed that a lot of people had stands to hold their rockets while they prepped them for flight.  There were metal and wooden cradles that worked well.  I also saw a PVC cradle that looked easier for me to build.Body tube on cradle - PVC Rocket Cradle

Self-priming PVC glue - PVC Rocket CradlePVC pipe is easy to work with.  It is like putting together tinker toys (that reference dates me, I know).  As this rig will not be holding any water pressure, buy the PVC glue that does not need a primer.  That eliminates a lot of the mess.

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Callahan’s Express

This rocket was created from the 4-inch Basic Blue kit with the avionics bay from Always Ready Rocketry.  Being a big Tampa Bay Lightning fan, I decided I would finish the rocket in their colors.  My favorite player on the team is Ryan Callahan.  He plays on the checking line and always gives maximum effort on the ice.  So here is the Callahan’s Express rocket.

Rocket and Builder - Callahan's Express

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BOTC84 Rocket Build

It is time to start working on my Tripoli Level Three rocket project. It is going to be a large rocket that will be powered by an “M” motor. I plan on launching the rocket at AIRFest in Argonia, Kansas this upcoming Labor Day weekend.  The name of the rocket will be BOTC84.  That represents “Best of the Corps” 1984.  This post will document my BOTC84 rocket build.

Schematic - BOTC84 Rocket Build

Updated: 23 August 2018

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