MixKwik Spray Paint Can Shaker

One of the things I hate is shaking spray paint cans when I am finishing a rocket.  I am not interested in getting a paint gun and thinning paint, cleaning, etc.  So I end up stuck using spray paint cans.

Many times, the cans have been in storage for a long time and it takes a lot of shaking to get a good paint result.  Enter the MixKwik spray paint can shaker!Basic view - mixkwik spray paint can shaker

The Concept

Installed in saw - mixkwik spray paint can shakered in saw The mixer is designed to hold spray paints cans securely while they are shaken by a variable-speed (important), reciprocating saw ( Sawzall ).  It is made of plastic with rubber straps and plastic connectors.  The connection to the saw is aluminum.

The Operation

With spraycan installed - mixkwik spray paint can shakerThe mixer is attached to the saw just like you would install a saw blade.  You place the spray can into the cradle and tighten the strap down on it.  Once everything is tightened down, run the saw at a very low rate of speed.  Twenty or thirty seconds at low speed is all that is needed.   The can is now ready for use.  Do not run this at a high rate of speed — you have been warned.

The Company

Company information sticker - mixkwik spray paint can shakerThe company that manufactures this device is the MixKwik Tool Company.  They can be found at their website or by calling 888-594-5649




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