Rocket Motor Design Class – Day Two

Rocket Motor Design Class – Day Two started with a discussion of solid rocket motors.  Interesting fact, one of the first useful American solid rocket motors was made in World War Two.  It was used to assist U.S. Army Air Corps bombers in taking off from small Pacific islands as many of the runways were very short.  The motor was made with ammonium perchlorate as the oxidizer and asphalt as the fuel.

John Wickman Burn Demo - Rocket Motor Design Class - Day Two
John Wickman in all his glory!

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Rocket Motor Design Class – Day One

I signed up for this course a few months ago and it started today.  You can find out all the details at Design & Make Your Own Solid Rocket Motors. I flew into Denver yesterday, rented a car, and drove to Caspar, Wyoming to attend this class.  After dodging a tornado, driving through a hail storm, and siting antelope; I arrived.  So let’s start with the Rocket Motor Design Class – Day One.Fun facts - Rocket Motor Design Class - Day One

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Dual-Deploy Rocket Checklist

Bender Design Excel pre-paint - Dual-Deploy Rocket Checklist
Bender Design Excel Dual-Deploy Rocket

The Tampa Tripoli Prefecture launch is this Saturday (June 16).  Weather permitting, I will be attempting my Tripoli Level Two certification with a Binder Design Excel dual-deploy kit.  Here is my dual-deploy rocket checklist for this weekend’s launch.

This checklist covers items that need to be taken care of before you get to the launch site.  Let’s get started…

Updated: 24 November 2018

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Estes Supernova Two-stage rocket build

I have not built a two-stage rocket since I was a teenager.  I am going to be trying for my NARTREK certifications, and one of the tasks to complete is a multi-stage rocket build and launch.  This article will document an Estes Supernova two-stage rocket build.

Here are the kit parts.Kit parts - Estes Supernova Two-stage Rocket Build

It is a classic Estes rocket kit.  Cardboard body and motor mount tubes; balsa fins; plastic nose cone and parachutes; and rubber shock cord.  Let’s get started!

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MixKwik Spray Paint Can Shaker

One of the things I hate is shaking spray paint cans when I am finishing a rocket.  I am not interested in getting a paint gun and thinning paint, cleaning, etc.  So I end up stuck using spray paint cans.

Many times, the cans have been in storage for a long time and it takes a lot of shaking to get a good paint result.  Enter the MixKwik spray paint can shaker!Basic view - mixkwik spray paint can shaker Continue reading “MixKwik Spray Paint Can Shaker”