Single-Deploy Rocket Checklist

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Many times friends, family, and rocket club duties can distract you when you are getting your rocket ready to fly.  It is nice to have a checklist to help you get your rocket ready to fly.  This article will suggest a single-deploy rocket checklist that you can use.

Picture of Tripoli Tampa low-power pads

This checklist covers the basic steps needed to get your single-deploy rocket to the pad.  I will put a PDF version and an editable version at the bottom of the post.

Single-Deploy Rocket Checklist

In your preparation area

  • Place shock cord protector on bottom of shock cord
  • Attach/check bottom of shock cord to motor mount connection
  • Fold parachute and wrap in blanket/chute release
  • Insert parachute into body tube w/cord on top
  • Attach/check top of shock cord to nosecone and fit onto body
  • Prepare engine
  • Insert engine into rocket and secure with retaining system
  • Tape igniter to side of rocket
  • Check rail buttons for security and movement
  • Check nosecone for a snug fit.

Depending on your club or flight location, you will probably need to present your rocket for a safety inspection before you are allowed to fly your rocket.  Once inspected, you will be allowed to the pads when the pads are declared “open”.

At the pad

  • Insure pad is not armed
  • Place rocket on rod/rail, get assistance if needed
  • Turn on altimeters/cameras/electronics
  • Insert and secure igniter
  • Attach igniter to launch leads
  • Continuity check

Head back to the spectator area and wait for your countdown!  Good luck.

Download – Single-Deploy Rocket Checklist (PDF)

Download – Single-Deploy Rocket Checklist (Editable)

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2 thoughts on “Single-Deploy Rocket Checklist

  1. Teri

    This checklist is very helpful, thanks! I’ve only been to one rocket launch so far. Thanks for making it into a PDF version too so it’s easy to print out for my next time 🙂


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