Avionics Bay Sled

Image of rocket Avionics sled
Avionics Sled

This is a electronics sled for an avionics bay in one of my rockets.  It will be placed inside a Binder Design Excel 4-inch rocket for my Level 2 Tripoli certification.

I used 1/8-inch basswood to make the sled.  I cut it to fit inside the bay with a hobby knife.

The dual deploy altimeter is a PerfectFlite StratologgerCF.  I purchased this board from Chris’ Rocket Supplies.

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Image of Strattologger flight computer
PerfectFlite StratologgerCF

I attached locking connectors to the terminal blocks of the altimeter.  These connectors are used to connect the ejection charges, battery, and on/off switch to the flight computer.  This method allows me to move the altimeter to different rockets without having to manual un-wire and wire the unit.  The M lead is for the Main parachute, the D for the Drogue chute.  The other label is for the on/off switch.

This battery holder can take the battery in either polarity orientation.  I added a plus sign “+” and minus sign “-” on the sled with a Sharpie.  The markings on the battery holder are hard to see so you can use the sled marks to make sure the battery is installed correctly.

Connection from sled to bulkhead
Connection to one bulkhead

The image above shows one of the connectors connected to the corresponding connector on the bulkhead.  I used terminal blocks on each side of the bulkhead.  The terminal block on the side opposite the sled will have the ejection charge attached to it.

Vendor list

The locking connectors I ordered from All Electronics part number: CONN-240

Unique Engine Models

The 9-volt battery holder I ordered from Aerocon Systems part number batthold9.  I drilled two holes on each side of it in the sled to tie the battery down with a tie wrap.

The first flight for this rocket will be at the May 19th Tripoli Tampa launch weekend.

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